Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Wumblers Review

Since we are a Christian family and I am always on the lookout for good products that will be in support of our beliefs, I try to be especially careful of the shows my kids watch and the books they read. I was excited to find The Wumblers books, DVDs, CDs, games and stuffed animals because they are just the type of thing that I love for Asher especially.

Here is how they describe The Wumblers...
The Wumblers is an entertaining and enriching children's dvd, cd, broadcast, and "soon-to-be" book series grounded in The Wumbler Patch brand. Children everywhere enjoy the sweet-natured, whimsical, and humorous collection of Wumbler characters who combine fun with social, global, environmental, and humanitarian learning in a way that parents applaud and kids just can't get enough of.

Both Bertrum, a five year old Wumbler, and Raimundo, his best pal who also happens to be a bilingual, Latin American snail, blend clever story lines with imagination and play, educating children to the "importance of making the world a better place for ALL!" The overall goals of The Wumblers series and The Wumbler Patch brand is to mentor in children a sense of responsibility to human kind and the world that will span lives and improve each generation's outlook and opportunity for a better tomorrow.

Kindest Regards,

Laura J. Wellington, Creator

I was sent the Baby Wumbler Plush Girl (my bad that I didn't let them know I had boys) and The Wumblers - Collection Volume 2 DVD to review.

The plush is this super cute little bright pink fuzzy character with a little tuft of hair on her head and a bow that you can fold up and the little pouch on her back tucks around her and looks like a watermelon (it reminds me of Popples from back in my childhood days, so I love it). She is also wearing a little diaper. Asher liked the "watermelon" but said that since it was pink, he wanted to give it to his cousin, Payton. Let me tell ya, my niece is seriously lucking out lately! They do have boy ones as well that I know Asher would have loved, so be sure to check those ones out too!

The DVD has two episodes on it as well as four songs at the end that are about the seasons. The two episodes are: Roosters Don't Bark - When Mrs. Flynn's rooster, Lenny, overhears how everyone loves dogs and cats, he tries to transform himself into their favorite pets. And, I'm Too Small - Raimundo is too small to go on the Bunt's train ride! In trying to make himself bigger, Raimundo discovers the real value of being himself.

What I really liked about the DVD was that the stories focused on being happy about who you are and not trying to be someone or something you're not. Kids (and adults too) are so pressured to look, think and act a certain way and many people feel like they don't measure up or don't fit in, so I think the lessons on this DVD are very valuable. I also like the songs about the seasons at the end because they are really praise songs.

Asher enjoyed the DVD and I actually did too.

Please visit their website and check out what they are all about and all the great products they offer. Their website has different games and activities for kids as well as a place to register your baby Wumbler and get a birth certificate, so check it out!

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Kerry said...

Awe cute! Thanks for the tip. I'm always on the lookout for this sort of thing too.