Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So, what was in the bags?

Wondering what was in those big blue bags from Brian that he got me for my birthday yesterday?

He got me a Cricut and a Cricut Essentials set! I was one seriously happy girl (still am, of course). I have wanted one for so long and he thinks they are crazy and that I'll never get the money out of it, so I never thought he'd get me one! He did some side computer work and saved up and got it for me though because he knew how much I wanted one. Oh, how I love that man! Such a great birthday! (Excuse the pajamas and no make-up. It was morning though, so cut me some slack, ok? LOL)


jules p said...

Congrats. I think you will love your Cricut. I know I love mine!

Lindsay said...

Well, now you don't have to come visit me to make some stuff! Yay! (well not yay that you don't have to come visit, but yay that you got one!) I also love the pj's that you are rockin!