Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Cleaning ~ Oldest Boys' Bedroom

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So, this week's space to clean was supposed to be your office space. I do my computer stuff on a laptop at the kitchen table, so I don't really have an official office space. I decided that since I have 2 kids' rooms and there is only a week for one of them, that I would tackle the other this week. Wow, what a project it was.

We decided together as a family that we need to simplify our lives and part of that process is getting rid of the clutter in our house. If we don't have room to store it, then we don't need it. That's my philosophy. The boys agreed that they did not need all the stuff they had in their room and were more than happy to add it to boxes to donate to the Garage Sale for Haiti that the Urban Youth Girls Ministry I co-lead is putting on at our church. The kids thought it was cool that all of their stuff would be raising money for Haiti, so this cleaning project turned into more than just cleaning, it became a ministry opportunity for my boys. That made all of us feel even better about getting their room cleaned up and organized. We've also decided that since there is adequate room to put things away after they are used (or played with) that if they are left out, they will be given away. This is to help ensure that we keep things picked up and neat and that we take care of what we have. Man, this feels incredible. If you could see me now, I'm pretty sure I'm glowing with excitement about all this. ;-)

Here are the before and after pictures (since I didn't post them earlier this week). Unfortunately, I forgot to take the before pictures before I started pulling stuff out from their closet, under their bed and out of their toybox and stripped their beds. So, their room was certainly not this messy to start with (although not too far off), but this gives you a good idea of how much stuff they had in there!

View into the boys' room. (BEFORE)

View into the boys' room. (AFTER)

View of the boys' desk area. (BEFORE)

View of the boys' desk area. (AFTER) Didn't quite get the same angle on this one, but you get the idea.

View into the main area of the boys' room. (BEFORE)

View into the main area of the boys' room. (AFTER)

View toward the boys' bunkbeds. (BEFORE)

View toward the boys' bunkbeds. (AFTER)


Anonymous said...

WOW - great job!

Anonymous said...

You go mama. Looks great. Take a breather!!

Renee said...

Much better! You guys did a wonderful to come to my house next??? :)

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