Friday, November 19, 2010

HGG Event - HearthSong ~ Review

I've done several reviews of products from Plow & Hearth and did one about a month ago from Wind & Weather...well here is a review of a product from another of their family of companies called HearthSong!

HearthSong carries a wide variety of toys that any child is sure to love. They have everything from wooden toys to puzzles, to play tents and board games. I love the variety of products that they carry and since I have experienced great things from other companies in their family of companies, I knew I could trust to find great quality products from them as well.

I had the extreme pleasure of receiving their Classic Domino Race Special. With over 300 pieces they can set up, I know there will be hours spent creating new courses to knock down! I have 3 boys afterall, so this kind of thing fits perfectly in our family! It's not just something boys will love though either. I know that my niece is going to love playing with it whenever she is over and I definitely see it as becoming one of our household's favorite toys. Between using their imagination to set it up, using fine motor skills, feeling that excitement of watching it all come tumbling down...what more could a mom want out of a toy for her kids?!

HearthSong has so many great toys to offer and I think they are a definite place you should check out for Christmas gifts. Here are a few more of the cool products they offer...

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to HearthSong now and find something special for the little (and not so little) kids on your gift list!

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