Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gettin' Crafty!

So, I've been dying to try some decoupaging and to just make some personalized items for my bedroom. I actually did this a little over a month ago, but am just now getting these pictures up to show you guys. I'm so happy with how everything turned out! First off, you may remember the awesome Maine State Love print I posted a review for a while back. Well, I decided it needed a frame that would really compliment the print's character, so I took a wood frame I had hanging out in the basement, sanded it, spray painted it white and distressed it with a little more sanding. I love how it turned out! See...
As predicted, my husband was both surprised and really happy when he came home from work one day to find this hanging on our bedroom wall. Such a fun reminder of our favorite vacation away together. Another fun little project I did, was I found a little wood tray at Michael's craft store for $4.99 and I spray painted it a fun, bright yellow (the accent color of my room) and then took a great little black and white scrapbook page with chandeliers and other fun prints on it and decoupaged it into the bottom of the tray as a sort of decorative liner. I sprayed the whole tray with clear coat to make it shiny and keep the color sealed in. I wanted a place to keep all my bracelets, brooches, watch, etc. contained and tidy on my dresser, so I knew this tray was perfect.
Here it is filled with my goodies.
There's my cute picture above it! I wish I would have taken a "before" picture so you could have seen how much this little tray really de-cluttered the dresser.
Lastly is my absolute favorite project! I have had one of those little, cheap wooden tables with the glass top that I had a fussy tablecloth on that I used to sit in the entryway of my last house with a little candle display and "Amazing Grace" sign on. It was nice there, but since we don't have a formal entryway at this house, I just had no use for it. I knew I wanted something to fill an empty corner of my bedroom, but I wanted it to be something functional that wouldn't just be a junk collector. Since I have a lot of jewelry and it couldn't all fit on my dresser, I thought that fixing up that little table would give me a great place to keep my jewelry in a decorative way that added a fun little touch to my bedroom! I spray painted the little table that same bright yellow as the tray, cut up several pieces of black and white damask scrapbook paper and decoupaged it onto the top of the table, printed out a Fleur De Lis template online and traced it onto a yellow and white polka-dotted piece of scrapbook paper that I cut out and decoupaged on top of the black and white demask paper. I sprayed it all a couple times over with a clear coat and placed the glass top back on. It is downright perfect!!! Look at how great it turned out!
Yay, my jewelry trees fit perfectly!
So, there are some of my most recent crafty projects and I've very happy with how they turned out. The next thing I'm really hoping to accomplish is the perfect artwork over our bed. So, I guess you could say this is a to be continued...

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Jennifer said...

Awesome Danielle! All 3 are great, but that table is pretty special :) Thx for sharing these !