Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cookies up the wazoo

So, I'm going to help out at church tonight with the children's ministry and I am supposed to bring snack. Well, being the maniac I am...I went way overboard with the snackage. Let's just say that the pastor told me there would probably be 25 kids at most and yet I made and am taking 90 cookies. Oh, because if there even are 20 kids there, I'm sure they need 4 cookies, right? I actually made more than that, so my boys and that biggest kid of mine could have a couple too, but I just never cease to go overboard with stuff. So, at about 6:15 tonight, I'll be toting 90 cookies up to some kids. I figure loading them up on a sugary snack at 7:30 at night is probably exactly what their parents would appreciate. Don't ya think?


Marissa said...

What a great snack helper you are! I think the amount you made sounds perfect. It'd BITE to run out and who can resist a fresh batch of cookies anyway?!

Dean B. said...

They sure were good. And the kids sure did enjoy them. Thanks for helping out tonight and have a great summer.