Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Total and Complete Awesomeness and Growth

WOW! That's pretty much all I have to say is...WOW! I have had the most incredible time lately and I just can't stop feeling completely overjoyed and excited. We just got back on Sunday evening from an amazing week away at Missionary Church Camp and we're all so bummed that it's over and can't wait for next year. It was a week full of learning, bonding, making new friends, getting closer to some of the people we already knew, and worshipping the Lord. What could be better? Our kids had so much fun and hated to have to come home and I just about cried as we were pulling out of there on Sunday. I am forever changed by that week and the experiences I had. I really will never be the same and I am so thankful for it. Gavin and I ran our first 5K together and it was so fun! I placed 3rd in my age group (ok, so there were only 3 of us, but at least I finished and I finished strong, I might add) and Gavin finished 6th in his age group out of 11. We had so much fun and even enjoyed running and training for it on the mornings leading up to it. It took us down dirt and gravel roads and through two huge hilly and grassy fields. It most definitely was not easy, but it felt awesome. We're very excited for next year and plan on training and really being ready for it the next time around. All in all, it was a week that is beyond description. I really just can't even put into words the feelings that I felt there. The Holy Spirit was definitely present and prompted me to take some action on some things in my life that I've been thinking about for a long time. I learned a lot about myself and developed a really good friendship over the week and I just couldn't be happier. So, without further delay, here are some pictures from our week...

Asher riding the purple dinosaur and I'm loving the look on Gavin's face.

Asher close-up.

Gavin getting ready to shoot one of the air rockets off by our campsite.

An action shot of Gavin shooting the rocket at Riley (see the rocket flying at him?) and Riley fighting back superhero style with his pillowcase cape and squirt gun.

Superhero Riley!

Brian and Asher in the tabernacle.

Riley and I in the tabernacle.

Gavin and I before our 5K. (Yes, we've established I'm a dork.)

Gavin and I all sweaty after the 5K.

Huh? What Mom?

Asher has been singing this ever since we got home. He sings "He sought me and bought me..." all the time in his cute little voice. It's just the best.

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Ellisa said...

I remember church camp meetings with great fondness from when I was a child. Great Great Great memories! (((HUGS))

AND YEAH for your 5K!!