Tuesday, September 9, 2008

God Loves Me!

In my bible study I went to this morning, we were told when we left to take the week and look in God's Word and see that He loves us. We were given several parts of scripture to look at and I left feeling very excited about really getting into the Word and getting closer to God and thinking about how much He loves me. On the way home, the song that I have below came on and it's a song I've heard many times, but today it was different to me. Today I really thought about what it was saying and it touched me in a new way. The most amazing part was when I was searching for it with the lyrics on YouTube and found it. Not only did it have the lyrics, but at the end is a verse that we read and talked about in the study today and it just pulled it all together. Coincidence? I think not. God really telling me He loves me and letting me know that He was there with us at the study this morning? Definitely.

Thank you, Lord!

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Ellisa said...

It is a really great song. I love the "I love you more" reference. We say things like that to our kids and spouses so often, but we don't think about God loving us truly more than we love him.

Thanks for sharing and reminding. (hugs)

PS I miss you