Friday, September 19, 2008

Tub Time and a haircut!

I've been needing to cut Asher's hair for a while, but he hasn't exactly been cool with that idea. Well, today I thought I'd ask to hear him say no again, but to my surprise, he said "Ok!". So, I didn't waste my opportunity, I took him in and cut his hair. He looks so old to me lately. There's no more of that baby look to him. He's like a little boy now. So sad. Anyway though, he wanted me to take a picture of him "swimming" in the bathtub after his haircut, so I decided I would, since he's getting bigger and bathtub pictures will start to get kinda weird before too long. So, here he is!

Doesn't he look old?


Lauren said...

Gosh that does not look like him anymore! He's grown up so much! What a ham :)

Ellisa said...

Holy SMOKES he looks like the awesome mixture of Gavin and Riley! SO cute!!!!!