Monday, November 17, 2008

My All In All

I am just so in love with the Lord and He is showing me day after day that He is here and that He loves me. Just last week, I had a situation that was causing me much heartache and really bringing me down and I was praying diligently about it and asking God to help me know how best to deal with the situation. I listened hard for His answers and did what I felt He was asking me to do. On Saturday night, my prayers were answered more specifically than I could have ever imagined. I won't go into detail, but words that I spoke in prayer literally came out exactly from one of the people it was concerning. Brian and I both were so in awe of just how amazing our God is. We know He answers prayer, but for Him to do it in such an exact and precise way was just incredible. He really is my All in All. Thank you, Lord. You're all I need.

We sing this song in church occasionally and it is just exactly how I feel.

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