Sunday, November 23, 2008

Scratching The Creativity Itch

I was just going crazy wanting to do something creative the other day, so I thought about what materials I had available to me and remembered that I had a ton of different fabrics and black fleece in my sewing cart. I decided that I would do something practical that we could use, and I made new stockings for our whole family. I let the kids pick the fabric they wanted theirs made out of and made Brian's with Lion's fabric and mine with a toile fabric that I had bought a long time ago (because I like it so much) and never did anything with. Everyone was really excited to see the finished products and the kids stood around waiting for each of theirs to get finished. It was really cute. So, I scratched my creativity itch and made something practical that we're all excited to use at Christmas this year. Now, what project to do next?

Asher picked a Sesame Street fabric for his stocking.

Riley picked a fabric with dogs playing baseball and Gavin picked a Spongebob fabric.

Here's mine!

Brian's Lions stocking.

They are all completely lined with fleece, so they can hold a pretty good amount of weight and are warm and cozy in case you want to wear them. LOL They all have a sturdy fleece loop to hang them with too.


Lauren said...

very very very cute!! enjoy them. I love yours the best!!

Ellisa said...

Cute & fun!!
What about the pooch? She doesn't get one?

Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

I actually had already bought the dog a stocking. My mom, little sister and I all got ones for our dogs that match. We're dorks like that. LOL