Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What do a dude from the 70s, a monkey and The Thing have to do with each other?

Not anything really, but that's what my kids were for Halloween. Asher wore the monkey costume that Riley wore in 2005 (the year Asher was born), Riley's costume was $10.00 new from ebay and Gavin wore a suit my uncle wore to a wedding in the 70s when he was a kid. All we did was buy him an afro wig and he wore a pair of my shoes and we were good to go! What a fun night! We did Trunk or Treat at church and the kids really had a lot of fun. Here are a few pictures.

The boys getting ready to go out to Trunk or Treat.

Gavin as a 70s Disco Dude.

Asher as a monkey.

Riley as The Thing.

The boys and I walking to church for Trunk or Treat.


Ellisa said...

super cute :)

Gene said...

What great pics. Your not going to believe this but the guys in our wedding wore dusty rose tux's,honest they did LOL. Yes it was the 70s, what more can I say. Love Mom K.