Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Great Gift Idea #2 - Cool Christian Shirts

Shirt Front

Shirt Back

Shirt Front

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I love to share my faith with others and love the idea of wearing a shirt that lovingly shares that faith.(Wow, there was a lot of love in that sentence! LOL) Unfortunately, most of the Christian shirts I see are (ok, I know this is going to bother some people and I'm sorry, but it's truly how I feel) corny. Having only been a Christian for 3 years, I distinctly remember seeing people wear t-shirts that tried to be catchy and use things that were currently popular or products that were well-known, to let people know they were Christians. I also remember looking at those shirts and thinking how corny they were and being more turned off by them than being interested in the person's faith. Now that I am a Christian though, I understand the desire to share my faith in lots of different ways and a great shirt is one of the things I have really wanted.

Well, I found it! I found this great company called Twelve Wear. Their slogan is "Witness While You Walk" and I think that's awesome! The guy behind this great company and shirts is Steve Munz and he so generously sent a beautiful woman's shirt for me to review. Not only that, but he sent an awesome shirt for Brian to review as well! I love the distressed look of the shirts. The woman's shirt is a fitted style that is very flattering and not bulky like a regular tee is. They are so unique and completely different from the typical Christian shirts I see. They have eye-catching designs that are cool, not corny. Most importantly though, they are a way to share your faith in a loving way, while lookin' pretty darn good doing it! The only thing that I can see that anyone might possibly have a complaint about is that the shirts are a little pricey, but I can say that I would much rather spend the extra money to have a great quality and great looking shirt.

So, if you're looking for a unique Christian shirt for yourself or your teenager, I would highly recommend checking out Twelve Wear. Steve seems like such a great guy who loves the Lord and I am all about sharing a company like that!


gahome2mom said...

These T-shirts are awesome. :)

S. Smith said...

Wonderful... these look amazing :)

EllyBean said...

Great Designs!