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Alegria means happiness. To me though, it means AWESOME shoes!

If you've never seen or heard of Alegria shoes, then you are seriously missing out!

The excitement I felt when I found out I was going to be able to review a pair of their amazing shoes bordered on being spastic (just ask my husband and children). I have been dreaming of owning a pair of their shoes for well over a year and to finally have the chance was extremely exciting to me.

I chose their Venice Fuchsia Snake Sandal. I love bright pink, so these seemed like the perfect choice for me. They arrived to me jumping up and down as I was seeing the delivery guy bringing them up to the door (I stopped long enough to open the door and get them from him) and followed with squeals of excitement as I opened them up. Oh the cuteness! Then, I put them on my feet and was instantly impressed with how incredibly comfy they are. I had a flashback to all the times I spent walking around the zoo or on long days of shopping in flip flops and how my feet would be killing me part way through the day and I realized that would never have to happen again, now that I had these sandals. I truly can't describe the level of comfort. It's like walking on marshmallow clouds (minus the sticky part). For me, the sandals look best when paired with jeans because I am short and have wide feet, so where the top strap goes across, it kind of makes my legs/feet look stubby (which I'm irritated at myself for, because I know that happens and should have just chosen one of their other amazing styles). Otherwise though, they are amazing and I love the color I chose. See how cute they are...

I kind of went between the ones I chose and these Porto Houndstooth Sandals. Aren't they awesome?!

Now, these are just 2 of the 4 styles of sandals they have that I've been talking about. Here's what they're really known best for and more cuteness that gets me giddy and excited and craving another pair of adorable comfort for my feet!

First off, let me tell you about their clogs. They have 3 different styles of clogs (all amazingly cute). They are the Classic, the Seville and the Donna. Here are one of my favorite designs in each.

The Classic - "The original happy clog".
Alegria Women's Classic Clogs remains a staple of the Alegria Spring and Fall collections for women and is offered in over 50 colors and custom, collectible prints including Team Green, Peace & Love and Frida.

The Seville - A unique design of an adjustable swivel strap.
Alegria Women's Seville Clogs is a great style with open back provides ventilation, plus the strap option for a more secure fit. Our designer worked very hard to make sure Alegria Seville's fit is perfect around the heel and the hardware to be both totally functional and attractive.

The Donna - Nurse Approved "Happy Clog".
Alegria Donna Nursing Clogs have a Lab rated slip resistant outsole and stain-proof leather coating plus Alegria's signature footbed. Alegria Professional Donna Nursing Clog is the perfect clog for you to have both safety and fun in any work environment. Long hours of boring shift? Spice it up with colors!

Next comes my favorite... their shoes! They offer the Paloma (my absolute favorite) and the Debra.

Paloma Shoes - The Popular Classic Mary Jane style.
Alegria Women's Paloma Mary Janes feature an adjustable velcro strap makes this a great fitting shoe for regular or wide width. Adorable and versatile, the Alegria Paloma Mary Janes looks great with skirts and dresses for women all ages.

Debra Shoes - Professional Nursing Shoes with Comfort.
Alegria Debra Nursing Shoes is a popular shoe for Professional like Nurses, Doctors & Chefs. It offers a Lab rated slip resistant outsole & stain-proof leather coating plus Alegria's signature footbed which brings you great comfort after long hours of walking & standing. Alegria Nursing Shoes' design and Leather upper deliver a professional look & feel.

They have boots too! Insanely cute boots!!! Take a look at the Sierra and Sedona.

Sierra Boots - A Tasteful Take On A Junior Look.
Alegria Women's Sierra Sweater Boots Shoes have been redesigned to make an extraordinarily comfy concept appealing to all women.

Sedona Boots - The Perfect basic with Just Enough Shine!
Alegria Women's Sedona Boots provide the best of both worlds; a fashion boot on a rocker bottom. With Alegria Sedona Boots shoes, you can stay warm, look fashionable and stay comfortable all day long!

Aren't you totally wanting these shoes?! I don't know how you couldn't be. Just the looks alone make me want them, but now that I know how incredibly comfortable they are... that just makes me want them even more! Are you a nurse, hairdresser, or someone else who spends a lot of time on your feet? Then you need these shoes! There are tons of great reviews from nurses about how much they love their Alegria shoes!

Here is some more info on the construction of their shoes and just why they are so incredibly comfortable...

Mild Rocker Outsole - Engineered to roll naturally, the rocker bottom outsole induces a normal walking motion while naturally toning leg muscles. It also benefits users by promoting a perfect posture, reducing stress on muscles, joints and back, giving you energy all day long.

Perfect Fit Footbed - An anatomically correct patented interlocking footbed system with arch support that is loaded with latex, memory foam and cork to create a "perfect fit" every time by forming to the natural contours of the foot, giving each user their own customized fit. Footbed is removable and available in medium and wide widths.

Color Therapy - From brilliant patent finishes to metallic prints, from soft natural leather to funky artwork, there is a color for every mood.

Just wait until you see all the amazing new colors and designs they have coming in the fall, not to mention the cute new styles! Pssst... you can check them out on their facebook page here.

As if what I've told and shown you isn't awesome enough, Alegria has a really great contest going on that you will want to enter once you get yourself your own pair! The Girlfriends' Getaway Contest is a chance for you to win a weekend getaway for you and your best friend to Canyon Ranch Miami Beach Hotel and Spa valued at $2,500! Now, that sounds like something I could definitely handle. How about you? Go here to read about how to enter!

Ok, so let's get down to business. If you're like me, you're probably wondering about price. Alegria shoes, sandals, clogs and boots are a little on the pricey side for sure. Would I say they are worth the money? Absolutely! The quality is top-notch, the comfort is beyond anything I've ever experienced in footwear and the variety of colors, textures, designs and styles is amazing. I know just for myself that the comfort factor makes the price beyond worth it, so I can just imagine what they would be like for a nurse or someone else who spends a lot of time on their feet. I can truly say that I was blown away by everything about the sandals I received and that I would happily buy another pair. Yes, being a single income family of 5 would mean I'd have to save up, but it would be totally worth it.

So what are you waiting for? I only showed you a small sampling of the amazing colors they offer, so get over to Alegria and check them all out. I guarantee you'll find something you'll love!

Disclosure: I was provided a pair of sandals free for review from Alegria and was compensated in no other way. The opinions expressed in this review are my own and were in no way influenced by the company involved.

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