Monday, April 27, 2015

Choking on Clutter

I'm an easily overwhelmed person. Things make me anxious. I can be a complete spaz (just ask my husband and kids). Something I am convinced adds to my anxiety and feeling overwhelmed is clutter. My house is filled with far too much of it. I want to change it, but I just feel so incredibly overwhelmed by the ridiculous amounts of it. I feel paralyzed when I even think about cleaning it up. And so, a vicious cycle continues. I told Brian on Saturday that I knew exactly where I was starting and what my plan of attack was for this week. I know that I need to have a definite plan, or I'll never get started and I also know that it has to be a plan that won't overwhelm my spazzy self. So here it is...I am beginning with my kitchen. My plan of attack? I'm committing to clean out two cupboards per day this week. Now, I know that doesn't seem like much of anything, but it's something that I know I can manage and I'm pretty sure I'll end up doing more than two per day. If I don't though, I'm not going to feel guilty or beat myself up about it. I'm just going to stick to the plan and if I do extra, I'll just consider myself awesome. Seems like a pretty good plan, right? Now, the task at hand is actually a pretty big one. My cupboards are filled with who knows what. Things that are spilling out onto us every time we open a cupboard. It's like a fun little game of wondering if a random piece of plastic ware is going to tumble out and smack me in the head or if a pan is going to slide out and crush my toes. As much as I love games, this really isn't one I'm all that into. I've risked extreme embarrassment and taken pictures of the disaster that my kitchen cupboards are in and I'm publicly declaring that I AM GOING TO DO THIS this week and I'm going to post pictures of the end results to prove it. Pretty good motivation, right? So here it is, the ugly truth of one serious area of clutter in my house. You'll notice that the top of my fridge and a "junk" counter are included in this. Now, there's two little cupboards behind the junk on my fridge, so I'll have to take a picture of that when I get to it. I seriously have no idea whatsoever as to what is in there. I hope it's something good. Ha! I'm guessing that once I finish this task, I'm going to be much more motivated to move onto another area of my home that needs to be de-cluttered. So, here's to taking control of my home and my sanity and eliminating some of what's choking me and causing me to not be able to enjoy life to the fullest. Check out this mess...
Pretty bad, huh? I'm guessing most of you have at least one cupboard that looks like this. Just humor me and say you do. Or maybe there's another area of your home that you seriously struggle with clutter in. Where is your clutter pit? I'm going to do a little series on dealing with clutter and I hope you'll join me and maybe take care of some of the clutter in your home too. Let's tackle this together!!!

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Jodi said...

I so know how you feel about posting the messy before pics, but it makes the after ones look amazing!!

I did a declutter of the house the first couple of months this year, one room at a time. So much stuff was tossed! My last room to do is Trent's, with the stuff that he has left behind that he doesn't want.

Can't wait to see the after pics!