Saturday, May 8, 2010

National Mom's Nite Out 2010

What a night my girlfriends and I had on Thursday for National Mom's Nite Out. I decided at the beginning of the week to throw something together and I'm so glad I did, because it was such a fun night and I definitely needed it!

The plan was to meet at Olive Garden at 6:00 and enjoy a night of eating yummy food and laughing. Well, we had just gotten our drinks and were waiting for the last lady to arrive when the power went out! Yup, the lights dimmed (which we thought they were doing on purpose to set the evening lighting) and then went completely out! They brought us some salad and since some breadsticks had just come out of the oven before the power went out, we had some yummy hot breadsticks too. We sat eating and talking and when we realized there was no guarantee of the power coming back on, we decided to move to a restaurant downtown. The coolest part... our salad, breadsticks and pop and iced tea were free!

We headed to a little Italian place downtown where we sat and talked and laughed for a good 3 hours. I had such a good time and was able to meet someone that I didn't know before and she was so sweet and funny. There were only 6 of us, but it was so great. We sat around a round table and could all talk and hear each other and we just had a really great night.

Well, National Mom's Nite Out made us realize we want to make this a standing date either monthly or every other month. We just had way too much fun to wait too long to get together again!

What a great night with a great bunch of moms. I think we'll open the future "nite outs" to ladies without kids too. Hey, we all need time out to laugh with other great women, right?!


Shelley said...

You are so right!! What a great time and I loved laughing so hard. I truly needed a nite out after this awful week. Thank God for the people we call friends. Yes, we will make it a monthly affair. Lets pick a date for the next couple of months and just facebook and let everyone know. I think it wil be an awesome way to get to know other peeps!! One time a few of us ladies from church did a play and dinner, that was fun too. Maybe we can do bowling or putt putt, we can try different stuff. I am totally down with it. Sorry so long, I am just excited. I need some girls to hang with!!

Dawn said...

I so totally agree! I don't know a lot of ladies at church very well and what a great way to get to know each other.