Monday, May 3, 2010

There are so many places where I believe that an ID badge is so important, not just for safety reasons, but for peace of mind.

Would you hand your baby over to someone in the hospital who isn't wearing an ID badge? Of course not!

My husband works in a school and he wears an ID badge so that he is easily recognizable as one of the staff and not just some random guy who is wandering around the school. And he works in a small district, so think of how much more important it is in the bigger school districts.

I thought of another place where I think that professional ID badges are a wonderful idea... how about in all of the children's programs and nurseries at churches? Of course when you take your children into a church setting, you expect that they will be safe, but how much more peace of mind would you have dropping your child off to someone who has an official ID badge that identifies them as being a legit worker who has had a background check? I know that would be comforting to me! makes it easy for any of these locations I've mentioned above to make official ID badges for their employees and volunteers. With their ID Card Printer, the company or organization can create personalized ID badges that make their employees and volunteers easily recognizable.

If you're involved in an organization or place of business where you believe ID badges are important, be sure to suggest visiting

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