Friday, May 22, 2009

There's a pug in my yard!

So, when I was leaving to take the boys to school this morning, we see this cute little pug on our street, sitting by our neighbor's car. When I come home, it's still there, so I decide to see what's up. Asher and I walked over (don't worry, I kept Asher at a distance since we don't know the dog) and I was talking to it and stuff, but it wouldn't move. Finally it got itself up and walked away from me a few steps. I went and got a piece of bologna and tore it up for it, but is didn't seem all that interested. The lady who is taking care of my neighbor came out and said that the dog had been sitting there by the car, ever since she came in for her shift (so almost 2 hours). She asked if I had an extra collar and leash and that maybe I would be able to get it to come with me if I had one. I went and got one and was eventually able to get the collar on and it was letting me pet it and jumped right up and came with me. I realized that it's a girl at that point (oh yeah, she had no collar or tags or anything, so I have absolutely no way of knowing where she belongs). She happily followed me into our backyard and got acquainted with our dog, Sasha. I posted that I found her on Craigslist and then Asher and I set off on a walk around the neighborhood with her to see if we could find her owner. We had no luck and every person we talked to said they had never seen her before. We came back home and she took residence on my lounge chair. The poor little thing wants to come in the house so bad, but I don't know if she will poop or pee in here and I'm not even about to be cleaning that up. Not to mention, I think she sheds and I'm not cool with that either. She is a noisy, snorty little thing too and I can actually hear her right now, even though she's outside and the windows are all shut. So, here I am with a pug in my backyard and I'm wondering what exactly I should do with her. I hate to take her to the humane society and I'm obviously not going to just let her loose back onto the street again. However, I've got my 3 year old niece coming today for the weekend and my 14 year old cousin coming over today as well. This should be interesting, to say the least.

UPDATE: I just found her owner about 10 minutes ago. I have had her since 8:00 this morning and just now found her owner at a little after 5:00. I decided to walk down the street with her again now that I know people are home from work and finally two cars came driving up to me and all the people were so excited! They just stopped their cars in the middle of the road and jumped out and were hugging me and everything. It was hilarious. This little dog is obviously loved. It was funny because I had just told Brian that I kept wanting to call her Maggie for some reason and then as I was walking away from the owners, I turned back and asked them what her name was and it was Maddie! Seriously? How the heck did I get so close? Anyway though, it's good to have her back where she belongs. My cousin, Bryan, is here and now we're just waiting for Payton to arrive. Things will be much less chaotic this weekend, now that there isn't another dog in the mix...I think.

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