Thursday, May 28, 2009

Want Some Super Cute Stuff?

I just entered a giveaway for some super cute stuff! For some reason I've been really loving the idea of an apron lately. Not only are they cute, but it seems like everytime I make something like spaghetti, I somehow manage to splatter sauce on my clothes. When I'm making dinner before heading out somewhere and I splatter food on my clothes and have to go change, that just irritates me, but an apron would eliminate that problem. Besides the apron though, there is a cute little necklace and just about the most adorable soap I've ever seen, included in the giveaway. So, go take a peek and enter for yourself. Hurry though, because it ends May 30th!

Cupcake Couture Package Giveaway at A Psych Mommy


Ellisa said...

super cute!! I have an apron that I love to use! Especially when baking or dealing with oil when I'm cooking.

Brian Gerstenberger said...

Adorable soap?

Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

Yes, Brian, adorable soap. It's shaped like a cupcake. How can that not be adorable?