Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chocolate Milk Pools = Even More Enjoyable Night Out With A Friend

Oh the sticky, icky mess. Gavin got himself, Riley and Asher a glass of chocolate milk and decided to put the gallon in on the shelf laying sideways. Just seconds after I hear the fridge door shut, I hear a gushing liquid sound. I turn around to see chocolate milk pouring out from the bottom of the fridge door. I quickly open the door and grab the gallon, but the damage is already done. There is chocolate milk dripping into the door and down onto the floor, it is dripping from the middle shelf to the bottom shelf and pooling in the drawers on the bottom of the fridge and under them and there is a massive pool on the floor. Aaaahhhhhh! As if I need something like this to clean up, along with the rest of the mess that seems to continuously plague my house! It literally took me 15 minutes to get it all cleaned up (including pulling the fridge out so I could get to the chocolate milk that had pooled underneath it).

The one good thing that came from this whole ordeal...I am now looking even more forward to dinner and hanging out with my friend, Ann tonight! I was already excited, but now I am in even more need of a night out! Not to mention, Ann's pretty much one of the coolest people ever and an amazing woman of God! I think maybe I'll have her pray for me tonight that my children and their antics don't drive me completely out of my mind! LOL

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LLJ said...

not funny! But, Way too funny! Oh! I hate it when that kind of life happens!! LOL! I hope you have a great night with Ann. : )