Monday, June 8, 2009

How Cool Would This Be?!

I just found this bike and there's actually a contest going on right now to win one! This would be so awesome to have while we're camping. It would sure make running up to the camp store to get ice and firewood easy! No need to drive the darn 2 miles an hour in your car (ok, I'm exaggerating, you don't have to go quite that slow but it sure feels like it) I could just hop on this bike and ride up to the store and throw all the stuff in the back. I could even haul Asher around in it! It's just awesome!

You can click on the picture to check it out and even enter to win it yourself, if you want!
Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes


Anonymous said...

Good Luck, hope you win it. Mom K

Jeni said...

TOTALLY cool!!! love it!!!

Scrap It Up (a.k.a. Kendahl) said...

I just wanted to stop by and say hi, and thanks for commenting at my blog! Make sure you come back for the pink giveaways; they're going to be awesome. :)