Thursday, June 18, 2009

When does my vacation begin???!!!

I am taking a few minutes (some of the only free ones today) to just say hello to the people who check my blog frequently and to let everyone know that I'm going absolutely nuts right now. Today is quite possibly the busiest day I've ever experienced and it is driving me crazy. On top of that, I leave tomorrow to go up north camping for the weekend and am just praying that it doesn't rain. I'm thinking that rain, tents, and tubing don't really go together all that well. I am just completely overwhelmed right now and feel like I don't have a spare second to relax or do anything for myself. Next weekend is my youngest sister's wedding and after that, things should settle down a little and hopefully I'll regain a little of my sanity. So, I won't be posting again until sometime next week, if I'm lucky! For now, I'm off to pick up the dog from the groomer, then onto my appointment with the seamstress for my dress for the wedding and then off to a meeting....aaaahhhhhh!!!!


Jeni said...

Oooh I hope you had a great trip and relaxed...I know EXACTLY what you mean.....I posted a verse by my computer that is the verse about God not being a God of disorder because I realize I am the one who creates the disorder sometimes! haha have fun at the wedding too!

Anonymous said...

Take a deep breath say a prayer and just think of how fun your sisters wedding will be!!!! All moms go crazy at vacation time because we are the ones who pack prepare etc.LOL. take care Love Mom K.