Monday, August 17, 2009

Great is the love poured out for all

I am just amazed and filled with love when I look at the ways the Lord is working in my life and the lives of the people around me. I was brought to tears (uncontrollable tears streaming down my face) when singing this song at church on Sunday because our God is just so awesome and loves us so much. I can't even explain it, but if you have a relationship with the Lord, then you know exactly what I mean and if you don't have a relationship with Him, then you are missing the most amazing feeling this life has to offer. The fact that God became flesh and came to this earth to be beaten and crucified, all so that we would be free of the bondage of sin and be able to enter into the holiness of His presence in Heaven someday is just something that overwhelms me and breaks me. Who am I that He would do this for me? Who am I that He would care about my hurts? Who am I that He would love me and call me His? I never knew life until I came to know Jesus and I will never be the same. He has saved me from a life of mediocrity and selfishness, a life without true joy and peace, a life that would have ended without an eternity in heaven. He has loved me so much that He has saved me and wants to save us all...this is our God.

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LLJ said...

beautifully said Danielle!