Sunday, August 23, 2009

Someone, stop me!

I really don't think I should be allowed to go into Sam's Club, at least not with my kids in tow. Brian and I would probably be fine on our own, but definitely not with the kids. We ran in after church today to pick up a few things that have become staples of our Weight Watchers eating plan and were only planning on spending around $20.00. Well, we ended up walking out having spent $150.00! How does $20.00 turn into $150.00 you ask? Well, when your kids complain that they are sick of eating cereal and you buy them french toast sticks, when the kids are asking for ice cream and you find some yummy looking ice cream sandwiches that will only be 2 WW points, when the kids are wanting some snack food so you let them get some cheez-its and then you decide that you need some kind of snack food too and get yourself some yummy salsa and chips, when they have samples of breakfast sandwiches that Brian samples and decides would be good for him to heat up quickly on his way out the door for work in the mornings, when you see the delicious pre-cooked and seasoned chicken breasts that would make quick dinners...need I go on? It's truly amazing the damage that can be done when a family of 5 heads into a store like that...hungry. We know better. We cannot do that again. (yeah, ok) I do have to say though, that I left with one purchase that I truly am excited about. I found a great preschool curriculum book for Asher that has letters, reading, math, etc. lessons for me to use with him. He was so excited about it and I'm excited to start our homeschooling. Only 2 weeks left of summer vacation and then it's time to get to work! I'm trying to plan ahead and would like to get some kind of lesson plans going for a few weeks out at a time, at least. I'm going to be flexible and do our lessons based on Asher's pace of learning, but it will be nice to have some sort of plan. In the meantime, I'm going to steer clear of Sam's Club.


LLJ said...

Totally can relate! Sounds like you had a fun time!

Lorene said...

Yeah- we do the same thing. We run in for a few staples and walk out $100 less. It's amazing what Sam's does to us. It throws off my budget every single time. Oh well.

And if you find you need help with homeschooling, let me know. I used to teach preschool and will try to be of any help I can despite the distance. I just donated a ton of books and such not that long ago, but I still have a few. When I worked, we had themes set up for each week. ANd each week we had a letter and number of the week. You may want to do two letters. I dabble in a little preschool homeschooling myself (for three year old preschool) so I have been there done that. The best thing you have is a ton of one on one time with just Asher. I have yet to have that. You will do great and I am sure Asher will love it and learn a ton!