Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I am so doing this!!!

Stockpiling Moms is doing a great weight loss challenge and it's just the thing I've been needing to get myself motivated. I have gained back 10 pounds of the almost 30 that I lost last year and I have just been feeling terribly uncomfortable and depressed about it. After going school shopping with my two oldest boys on Sunday and Monday and seeing myself in all the store windows, I realized just how much the weight I have put back on has made my body look all too close to what it looked like before I lost the weight and that terrified me. Now, with this challenge to help me with accountability and motivation, I am ready to lose the 10 pounds I gained back and then hopefully lose the 12 more pounds I need to lose after that to get to my goal weight. No more being lazy and letting these pounds sneak back up on me. It's time to get myself moving and feeling good again! Who wants to join me? Just go to Stockpiling Moms and join in the challenge too!

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