Thursday, October 16, 2008

Creativity and Happiness

So yesterday, I just felt the urge to do something creative. I ended up crocheting a plastic bag holder that I hung inside my pantry, so now I have all my plastic bags in there, instead of all over the floor of the pantry. Yay, I did something creative and cleaned up a chronic mess that drives me crazy everytime I open the pantry door.
Life has just been even more great than usual, lately. I'm making some really good friends at church and my women's bible study brings me so much joy and I can feel myself growing closer to the Lord. Not only that, but I have so much to look forward to!
Saturday is Gavin and Riley's first basketball games. They are super excited and so are we. Of course this takes away our one day of the week to sleep in, but oh well, such is life I guess. Halloween is coming up in a few weeks, then it's our girls' shopping weekend in Birch Run and Frankenmuth, the the "Kick off the Holidays" party at my aunt and uncle's house, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas Tree day, then all the Christmas parties, then New Year's, then my mission trip to Mexico, then Easter, then my birthday, then Delyn's wedding, then Summer...the things to look forward to just go on and on. I am so blessed and I don't take that for granted for a single second. I'm in awe of how fortunate my family is. We are healthy (besides the nagging colds and sinus infections the kids seem to keep getting), we all love each other so incredibly much, we have fun together and my children are growing up to be wonderful, loving little people. What more could I possibly ask for?
So, I'm thinking about doing some other crafty, creative projects and trying some new things. I just feel inspired and motivated. Hopefully that feeling sticks around, because I'm going to need that inspiration and motivation to get through the holidays on such a tight budget. LOL

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