Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I just wanted to share something that has been with me this week. We sing this song at church sometimes and this past Saturday we actually sang it 3 times during the same service. There was just something so powerful about it. Now, our Saturday night service only has about 100 people or so on most nights, but the feeling of the Holy Spirit in that room was so strong. When I looked up the video for this song and watched it, it actually brought me to tears. I know how just our small group at church sings this song and others with so much passion and love, but to see such a huge group singing it and worshipping the Lord is truly touching. I can only imagine how much love and joy God feels when He hears His children singing out to Him. How awesome. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy the song too and really think about the lyrics. He is stronger than anything else in our lives. There is no person, no circumstance, no illness...nothing, that is stronger than our God.

Let His name be lifted higher!

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Ellisa said...

wow. powerful!!

And you have found a song that we don't sing at our church...or at least haven't yet. to email our musical minister. ;)