Monday, October 20, 2008

Just some things on my mind...

Lately I'm feeling very unsupported by some of the people I have always viewed as my biggest supporters. I'm honestly not really even sure why these people are being this way, but it does hurt. I don't know if it's that they don't really understand the situation, if it makes them uncomfortable in some way, if they are looking at it from the wrong perspective...I guess there could be a million reasons, but I wish they would just talk to me about it. There's this awkward, unspoken discomfort that is going on as a result of the situation and it's really bothering me. When did people decide that it wasn't a good idea to talk about their feelings or ask questions to be sure they really understand the situation? I'm just feeling really upset and disappointed by it. I kind of feel like they should come to be about the situation, because I know that they will view me as "accusing them of something" if I approach them about it. It's just a yucky feeling situation and I wish I knew how to make it all ok. Maybe I can't. Maybe some people just have their minds made up and don't really care to hear the facts from me. I don't know.


Ellisa said...

((hugs)) It's never a good feeling when people you love and support don't return the feelings. I know.

Maybe wait it out a bit more. If they are true friends and feeling strongly about something, they should come to you.

I guess I should take my own advice. We know what we would want others to do, but it's so hard to do that ourselves.

I hope you can find peace or resolution soon. (((HUGS)))

Marissa said...

i hope you get it worked out. feeling misunderstood, unimportant or out of the loop doesn't feel good - real friends will want to fix it.

have you considered reaching out to them? sometimes i wonder if my friends even realize when i'm upset...and then that makes me, in turn, even more upset. *hugs*