Friday, October 17, 2008

Um, YIKES! (with updated info...still YIKES!)

So, Gavin has a roaring sinus infection and has been on antibiotics for a few days now and somehow he manages to have a coughing fit at school yesterday during recess (gee, do you think it's from running around on the playground even though I told him he should take it easy for a few days?), even though he hasn't had any coughing fits at home. Well, the school calls and I had to go pick him up. Of course I had just stepped out of the shower and my child who absolutely needs his full naps in order to function later in the day is doing what? guessed it, napping. So, I throw on some clothes, wake him up and head to the school looking like a drowned rat. Of course when he got home, he wasn't coughing at all and just wanted to play around, but I made him lay on the couch until we had to go pick Riley up from school. (I got him about an hour and 20 minutes before school was supposed to get out. Like he couldn't have made it that much longer?)

Fast forward to today. I tell him this morning that he needs to just chill out during recess, so he doesn't have another coughing attack and need to be sent home. He agrees that he probably didn't need to come home yesterday and says he'll take it easy. So, here I am with Asher in the tub (he woke up with his eyes crusted shut this morning to go along with the cold he's been battling), soaking in some Johnson's Soothing Vapor Bath and I'm going along doing laundry and little stuff around the my pajamas, when the phone rings. When I looked at the number, I immediately gave a little groan and then answered. Well, it was the school telling me that Gavin's teacher had personally accompanied him down to the office because he had gone into a coughing fit and almost thrown up. I told them I'd get my little one out of the tub and head up I did (much to Asher's dismay, since he was thoroughly enjoying his bath).

I got to the school and went in to get him and the principal and the secretaries were having a pretty intense discussion about something to do with some parents at the school doing something or other. I didn't really pay attention because I was irritated that I had to pick up my child again for this strange symptom that only seems to show up at school, and I was also feeling pretty stupid because I was sure they were thinking I was an idiot of a parent for sending my sick kid back to school when he had to be picked up early yesterday. I finished signing him out and we headed to the car and when we got in, I asked him why he went into a coughing fit this time and this is the response I got...

"Mom, I was fine, but then the school went on lockdown. We were locked in our classrooms and the principal was telling us to stay in the rooms and not open the doors for any reason and that the police were being called because there were two men in the school who weren't supposed to be there. Then, we heard footsteps in the hall and people talking and they were banging on our classroom door and we were really scared. I guess I got so scared that I panicked and it made me go into a coughing fit and I almost threw up. So, when we weren't on lockdown anymore, my teacher took me to the office and told me that she didn't care what I said, I needed to go home."

WHOA! Not at all what I was expecting to hear. From what I've been told (by Gavin, so it's not the most reliable source, but he was hearing the conversations between the principal and the secretaries while he was waiting in the office for me to get there), two guys who were actually involved in robbing one of our local banks last year, had come into the school because of some sort of dispute with an ex-wife who must have been there for some reason. They were allegedly both carrying knives. Um, that's some pretty scary stuff. It's not like we live in a scary place, but it just goes to show that stuff like that can happen anywhere.

On a good note, Gavin told me that he told the secretaries that he has been taking medicine for a couple days now and that he hasn't been coughing like this at home. I feel like that at least made me look like a little less of a bad parent. I had to give him a little "thank you" for that one.

Anyway, that's the excitement of my day so far and it's not even 10:30 in the morning!

I think I need a nap.

Turns out Gavin had some information a little messed up (big shocker there). The Days Inn got held up and the lady that worked there got a little roughed up, so the police called the schools and told them to go on lockdown. There was never anyone in the school or anything. Anyway though, it was still really scary for the kids and scary that so many ridiculous things keep happening around here lately. One of the banks here was held up 2 days ago and they caught those guys and they caught the guys who held up the hotel today too, but geesh. Apparently it's people from the city (Detroit area, in case you couldn't figure that out) that have been doing it. We had some people from the city come out and rob a couple of our banks last year too. Seriously, even if you live far away from there, you still have to deal with that stuff. How frustrating. At least no one has been seriously injured or anything in all of the madness. Just leaves everyone feeling a little less secure, and that's certainly no good.

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