Thursday, October 23, 2008

A lesson in patience and love.

I woke up with a migraine today and I laid in bed and prayed for God to give me patience with the boys this morning and to help me not yell at them or get frustrated. I also prayed that God would help me change my behavior so the boys would know just how much I love them and not feel like I am disappointed or upset with them all the time.

I got them up and the morning went along. I never yelled once (although Riley was certainly testing my patience). I told the boys that I had a headache and wasn't feeling well, so while they were eating and getting ready, I was going to lay down on the bed. I was laying on my stomach with my face in the pillow when I felt someone get on the bed and pat my back lovingly a few times. When I looked to see who it was, it was Gavin. I told him thank you and he smiled and with sympathy said "Yup." and went off to finish getting ready. I laid there and cried tears of happiness because God helped me through the morning like I asked Him to and He gave me a sign through Gavin that the boys do know I love them. It was just really awesome. What an incredible way to start the day.

Sometimes if you just stop and pay attention to the little things, you'll discover something really profound. Asking the Lord to help me with some things that I've been struggling with and that I know I need to change and then seeing the way He worked in my family this morning just makes my trust in Him and my faith grow and grow.

Stop and be thankful for the little things.


Anonymous said...

Very true!! I try to do this everyday if I can, some days are better then others. I hope you feel better ((hugs))

lauren - for some reason it won't let me log in! lol

Ellisa said...

You are raising amazing, loving, Godly boys to be men. ((hugs))

Hope your headache is gone now.

Gene said...

Yes, God always used the boys to show me a lot of wonderful things. Hope you are feeling better, because I get migraines and know how bad they are. Love Mom K.