Saturday, September 19, 2009

And so it begins.

Tomorrow is the first Lion's home game of the season and that means I lose my husband for most of the day. He'll go with me to our ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) in the morning and then he'll head down to Detroit for the game. I'll be kept busy by going to service after that, but then the boys and I will be heading home and that's when the day starts to drag. For some reason, whenever he is gone on a Sunday afternoon and evening, I just hate it! It's especially bad once it starts getting dark so early and when the weather is yucky and I worry about him driving. I'm glad he gets to go and have a great time doing something he loves and most of the time he is taking my 80 year old grandma to the game, so that is great for both of them, but I still don't like having him be gone when the next day is the start of another week. Ugh, I can't stand it. Plus, my house is a darn disaster, so tomorrow will be filled with cleaning (oooh, oooh my favorite thing ever! *insert eye roll here*). Yeah, so I'm complaining a little...I don't do it that much, so let me have my moment, will ya? ;-) Ok, football irritation purged. Phew, that feels better...sort of.

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