Thursday, September 24, 2009

Things from the past that induce giggles

I was thinking yesterday about some things my kids have said in the past that even when I think of them now, years later, I get giggling. In fact, Brian and I were laying in bed last night and I brought up something Gavin said when he was little and we were both laying there laughing.

We were sitting at dinner one night, when Gavin was about 4 and he was talking about that Riley had hit him. Then he said, in total seriousness "He beat me like a dog, like a a cat, like a kitty." It was so weird and random and we just cracked up. Just the tone he used and the look on his face were priceless.

Another of my absolute favorites was when Riley was around 3 years old. We were at the mall walking around and we had gotten a huge frozen Pepsi that we were all sharing. Riley was carrying it and drinking it and all of a sudden he looked at me with this confused, pained look on his face and said, "Mom, I have a stomachache in my eyelashes." He had what we call "brain freeze" and the only way he knew to describe it was as a stomach ache in his eyelashes! I love it! It was soooo darn cute!

Now for Asher, this kid has had some great ones too. One of my favorites though was when we took him for his interview for Young 4's and he had to complete all these different little things like sorting objects, finding different objects in a picture, etc. One thing they asked him to do was to draw a person. So, he began by drawing a big circle for a face and then took a red crayon and put this little red circle on it. When the lady asked him what it was, he said "It's the red dot on my dad's head." She said "Your dad has a red dot on his head?" wondering what kind of imagination this kid had. I started laughing and Brian was laughing too (though with a slight bit of embarrassment) because he really does have a little red dot on his head that he hates. It was so dang funny that Asher chose to pick that moment to draw a person with a red dot on their head. Ok, so it's probably funnier to Brian and I than it would be to anyone else, but in any case, it makes me giggle.

I just love to think about all the cute and funny little things that kids do and just the joy that they bring to life. I simply cannot imagine life without them. God has blessed me so greatly and I am so thankful for these sweet little boys that he has entrusted to my care.

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LLJ said...

Ok, 3 of my kids are around me asking, MOM What is SO Funny!?! Ha! Thanks for sharing the laughter!