Saturday, September 5, 2009

Feeling Creative...

Every once in a while, I get on a little kick and I just feel like creating something. So, I thought I would share some of the creative endeavors I'm exploring right now. These are just pictures I found on the internet to represent what I'm doing, not my actual projects, but I will post pictures of mine when they are finished. Anyway, here's what I'm up to!

I'm crocheting a wrap/scarf

I'm going to start making my Christmas cards

I'm going to attempt to make apple butter. Mmmmmmm!


Lauren said...

I am doing the same thing!! Cards and the apples. I am going to make Apple Butter, Apple Sauce, and Apple Jam. Let me know how it goes.

kalea_kane said... far I have only accomplished making my bed. :) I'd love to try making Apple Butter. Good luck on all of your projects!

Jeni said...

I love it all....Mary Poppins I tell ya...or do you prefer something less pristine? lol I love the wrap and apple butter? what is apple butter? is it butter with apples? what kind of apple?? I LOVE apple anything!!

Jeni said...

Ok good you'll have to keep us "posted" AHAHA ok pun intended on the apple butter....I have my blog redecorated and hope to re-start fresh in a week!! Be sure to post when you cut your hair!! Can't wait for b. study to start!!

Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

Mmmmm, apple butter sounds great! Want to send some my way when you're done?

I make all of my own Christmas cards and I love it. Super fun!