Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Relaxing Sunday Creation

So, after I got home from church this morning (which was amazing, by the way) I did a little cleaning and grumbling to myself about how much I wished Brian wasn't at the Lions game. But then, I quit my being a crabby little brat and decided to have some coffee and sit and do something relaxing and creative. I found some crochet patterns yesterday that I wanted to try out and since I have the most ridiculous stash of yarn most people have probably ever seen...I thought I might as well try one of these new patterns out. I picked a pretty sage green color and got to work and within a couple hours, I had created these little cuties! I'm so happy with how they turned out and can't believe I actually got them right on the first try! Oh yeah, go me. ;-) Anyway though, it was a fun, relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon and get my mind off of missing my husband and end up with something cute and new out of it! I'd like for them to be a little thicker, but other than that, I think they turned out cute!


LLJ said...

Wow! Those are really cute little slppers!! : )

Jodi said...

Those are really cute!! Nice job!!