Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh how I love cute little "goodies"

So, I mentioned that I had won some pins in a blog contest last week. Well, I got them yesterday and they are so darn cute! Now, I need to get to work on the other scarves I want to make. Here are a couple pictures of the pins I got and some pictures of some other items from the pandacub Etsy shop that I just adore. You should check it out. The prices are great and the pieces are unique and fun. I love it!

My cute little pins!

I love the little details of this necklace!

Are these not adorable little magnets?! So much cuter than the random company magnets on my fridge.

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gahome2mom said...

Yeah, these are great! Maybe they'd allow you to have a giveaway one day. lol By the way, your new hair style looks great. I love your smile. :)

Thank you again for being our guest review for the HGG.