Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Here's hopin'

I am feeling mighty yucky right now (fortunately just seems like a bad cold and not that nasty flu that's going around). Honestly, I wouldn't even complain about it right now, but I have a big weekend coming up and I want to feel good! Not only that, but if my boys are sick, I know I won't be able to stand to leave them. So, what is this big weekend coming up? Well, it's our annual girls' shopping weekend where all of the women 21 and older on my Mom's side of the family leave early Friday morning and don't come home until late Sunday night. We go up to Frankenmuth and Birch Run to the outlets for the whole weekend and we have so much fun. It's just great to have all of us girls get away from the "normal stuff" for an entire weekend. We act goofy, laugh a ton and just really enjoy spending the time together...oh yeah, we Christmas shop too. ;-) So, that's why being sick right now would really be stinky for me or the kids, or Brian! Please say a prayer for us that that doesn't happen and I'm able to head off for this time that I look so forward to with my Mom, sisters, aunts and cousins every year (oh, and my cousin's wife is going with us this year too, so we're very excited about that). Also pray that I will be a good witness for the Lord to all of them while I'm with them. Thank you so much, ladies!

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Jeni said...

Oh I really hope you feel all better by this weekend....drinking water here by the gallon and feeling that's it's helping...keeping me hyrdrated and on my feet anyhow!! haha Missed ya today...prayed for you and Asher this a.m. in a special prayer time for friends under the weather...Let's PULL OUT OF THIS GUNK!! and BE HAPPY AGAIN!! LOL love ya girl! <3 and I just adore your blog!! you've really spread your wings on it...you're lookin all cool and stuff!! love it!