Friday, November 13, 2009

Simple Pleasures

I have had such a nice morning. The sun is shining beautifully and as I look out my window, I see just a few lingering leaves fluttering on the trees in my backyard and nothing but blue sky behind them. It is truly a beautiful day the Lord has given us. I also had the pleasure of spending the morning with an old friend. After dropping the two older boys off at school this morning, I headed to her house and picked her up and we went to JoAnn Fabrics for a little shopping trip. After that, we headed back to her house for coffee and some long overdue catching up. She suddenly decided to whip up a batch of molasses cookies (which are one of my absolute favorite kinds) and we enjoyed warm gooey molasses cookies with our coffee. Simply delicious! Her sister came over too and we all just sat around the kitchen table and talked about anything and everything. It was just such a nice time of catching up and having that comfort of being in the presence of a familiar friend. We talked about our faith and how far we've come in the years that we've known each other and it is truly just amazing how far we really have come. I just enjoyed this morning so much and am sitting here now, with the sun filtering through my window and warming me and I can't help but smile. God is so good.


LLJ said...

This is really touching. Friendships are wonderful gifts! I am glad you had such a nice morning!

Kelly Pauley said...

Love you Danielle...that will never change, God made us friends so long ago for a reason ♥