Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yay for cute dresses!

Most of the time, I'm a pants kinda gal, but occasionally I like to wear a dress and just switch it up a little. I like unique, cute dresses though. I found a company that has the cutest dresses. Some of them are really simple and I like that because I could dress them up with different accessories and make them my own. Then, there are ones that have a lot of detail and that have no need for accessories to go with them. The company with these awesome dresses...Shabby Apple. I think the name is cute and catchy!

I was sent the 90 Words Per Minute dress to review. I have to admit that I was a little nervous of how it would work with my body, seeing as it has ruching on the sides and me being just over 5 feet tall, I wondered if the ruching would lay at the right place on my body. Well, I got the dress and put it on and it fit so cute! I was so surprised to see it fit me the way it did. The material is so light and comfy, it was like wearing a nightgown or something...very light and flowy feeling. The color is a teal blue and is one of my favorite colors to wear, so that was great too. There is a tie up at the neck that is a really cute detail and removes the need for a necklace. This dress with a pair of nice heels and fancy earrings would dress it up really nice. Or, you could wear it with knee-high boots and some funky earrings and look trendy and cute! Whether it's out to dinner with your husband, to church or one of the many holiday parties coming up, this dress would be great for any and all of them! Check out the picture below and you'll see what I mean.

I love the dresses that Shabby Apple has to offer, but that isn't all they have! They also have fitness wear, maternity, clothing for young girls and pre-teens and they have gorgeous accessories that I am dying to get my hands on. Here's a few examples of what they carry.

If you have a holiday party coming up, they have several dresses that would be perfect! I think you will love what you see, so check out Shabby Apple. I will definitely be looking to them the next time I need a dress.

Thank you to Shabby Apple for allowing me to review one of your great items!

Disclaimer: I received this product for free for review purposes. My opinions expressed in this review were honest and genuine and I was in no way persuaded by the company involved.


Jodi said...

Cute stuff!

Jeni said...

Ok so where's a picture of you in the dress? I want to see those shoes!!

Kelly Pauley said...

Shabby Apple is such a cute name, and they do have cute stuff!