Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fun Chaos

I haven't really had time to recap my weekend, so no pictures or anything have gone up yet. However, I've had some visitors over the past couple days. Dana and Payton are here. It's so fun to hang out with my sister and niece, and the kids enjoy playing and hanging out too. Dana and I got a ton done for the wedding, yesterday. We found all the bridesmaid jewelry, the clothes for Gavin and Riley, ties for Brian and Jason, etc. It was quite the productive day. Today we're going for a dress fitting for Dana. I can't believe the wedding's just a little over a month away! Anyway, I'll be doing my recap with pictures from the weekend, probably tomorrow, so watch for those. I've got some seriously good ones, although some of the people in them might not think so (insert evil laugh here).

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