Sunday, June 15, 2008

Slip n' Slide On Outta The Weekend

What an incredibly wonderful Sunday and the end of a great weekend. We spent tons of time outside this weekend and got a ton done around the house. Let's just say that a small jungle had grown in our backyard and (thanks to my future brother-in-law who does tree trimming for a living) we found out that some of the trees that were in our yard, weren't exactly the kind of trees you want in your yard, but were actually weed trees. Yeah, real nice. We had 4 of them that were 10 feet tall or more. So, we did some much needed trimming, cutting, etc. and the backyard looks 100% better than it did on Friday. So, here I sit, showered and getting ready for bed. I'm feeling good about all the things we got accomplished this weekend and by all the nice and wonderful people and things we experienced as well. Brian and I had our Bible Study this morning and it was great, the boys all had a great time at Sunday School. We went out for lunch for Father's Day at Red Lobster, did a little shopping, came home and worked in the yard and played and now everyone is winding down and getting ready for the start of a new week. Gavin has basketball camp this week and is really looking forward to that. Riley, Asher and I will just be hanging out at home and I have some big projects planned to do around the house. My cousin, Jill, and my sweet baby 2nd cousin, Paige, will be coming over and hanging out a day or two this week too! Lots to be thankful for and to look forward to!

Here are some pictures from our day today. I've gotten pretty "picture happy" lately, so I'll be sharing a lot of pictures, I'm sure.

Gavin headin' down the slip n' slide.

Asher being his usual cute self.

Riley...word to yo mutha.

Gavin and his absolute favorite

My 3 favorite little men.

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