Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Loss

As I cheerfully wait in Riley's Kindergarten classroom yesterday morning, to go on our walking to McDonald's field trip, I hear one of the Mom's say, "I still can't believe Dr. Murphy died last night, I'm just so upset over it." and let me tell you, my heart sunk. The doctor who delivered Riley and Asher and who I absolutely adored, is gone. How can this be? He was only 60, about to celebrate his 61st birthday on June 18th. He was one of the most energetic, sweet, caring, funny and just plain genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He would always joke about Riley's name, because he had a dog named Riley, but he told me it was a name he had always liked and when he and his wife decided not to have anymore children (they have two sons and two daughters), he wanted to be able to use the name, so used it for his dog. He then would tell me, "Hey, don't feel bad. You know how many damn dogs there are named Murphy?!" He would sympathize with Gavin over his crazy cowlicks, because he had them too. He was just so much more than a doctor. He always would say "Hey, Danielle! How ya doin', kiddo?" when he walked into the room. He knew all of the kids and Brian's names and would ask specific things about them and remember things we had talked about the last time I was there, even though there may have been a year in between when I had last seen him. I used to joke with him that I would consider having one more baby, just so I could see him more often. He truly made each of his patients feel like they were his only patient. He would sit down and talk to you and never rush you along. He was just a truly amazing individual. I can't imagine how I will ever have that kind of relationship with another doctor and I absolutely dread the time when I'm going to have to find someone new. It's just so hard to believe that this vibrant man, with such a kind heart, is no longer with us. This community has suffered a great loss and he will be greatly missed. In fact, I miss him already.

Dr. Murphy with Asher 10-26-05
Dr. Murphy and I, just after delivering Asher. 10-26-05


Marissa said...

oh i'm so sorry, danielle. he even looks like the kind man you described. i'm sure his loss is going to affect very many people.

my OB is dying of terminal breast cancer right now.

how ironic & sad that those who live their lives helping others are taken too soon. his work was done here and its nothing but good times & peace ahead for Dr. Murphy. {{{hugs}}}

Ellisa said...

A great doctor is hard to find. One with that relationship with their patients is even harder. But a great doctor, with a great manner and a wonderful person...how very rare. I'm sure he will be greatly missed by many people.

Lauren said...

I am sad for your lost. My best friend had both of her kids by him. He sounded like the funnest man and most caring person. He'll be greatly miss. I am sorry to hear about your lost. Prayers for everyone. Best of luck finding a new Dr as great as this one.