Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some Positivity Up In Here

So, every post I've written has been about something sad, and since I'm generally not a melancholy person, I thought I better hurry up and get a positive post up here, before I depress people away!

Anyway, the boys have two days of school left until summer vacation. I think I'm happy about that. LOL Seems like they are at a stage where they just can't get along, no matter what the circumstances are, but I'm hoping that will start getting better. I know Asher will be happy to have his big brothers home all day to play with. I'm seriously looking forward to not having to get up at 6:50 every morning for a few months. Aaaahhhh, rolling out of bed, putting on my bathing suit and heading outside with the kids. Sounds nice to me.

My sister, Dana's, wedding shower is next weekend and I'm looking forward to hanging out with all of my family at that. Our summer is packed with graduation parties, showers, weddings, etc. Not to mention that, but on June 20th, I have to call and find out if I'm on jury duty in Detroit and even if I'm not called that day, I am on call for 2 weeks. I guess if you've ever been in this situation, you know the drill. If you know me, you know I'm an anxiety-ridden spaz about driving, so fortunately, my Dad has offered to drive me there if I do get put on jury duty. What an awesome Dad.

Ooooh, ooooh. Something else I'm excited about! I was looking on Craigslist yesterday and came across a kitchen set. It's a big rectangular table with the wrap around benches and then two extra chairs. We went and checked it out and it was super cute and is exactly what we need. Asher is no longer really digging being in a highchair and our current kitchen table only seats 4 (which is also a major pain when we have company), so this one that sits 6 or more, is perfect. The kids think it's awesome, because they think it's like being in a restaurant. It's also got storage under both of the benches, so that's nifty. We are picking it up today! Yay! The only bad part is they had a long-haired white cat that liked to lay on the benches, so I have to de-hair it and of course I planned on doing a thorough upholstry cleaning anyway, so it's no biggie. Wanna hear the best part though? It's only $50.00! How awesome is that?!

Also, my weight-loss plan got a little off-track with the happenings of the past couple weeks, so I'm getting back on that. I'm feeling way too good to stop now. In fact, seeing some really great people have their lives end so early, just makes me more determined to be as healthy as I can be. So, here's to health and happiness and looking forward to what's to come!


Ellisa said...

Love the updates! Congrats to Dana. And I hope you guys have a great summer!!

Marissa said...

Love the new table!!

Here's to a great summer, for all of us, filled wtih fun and lots of patience. LOL